It is not enough to analyze, test, weigh, to experience a horse; it is especially necessary to teach him to jump and trot will measure after. To appreciate the value of methods, I look at the results. Alas! fifty years that I teach, I have seen very little progress valid methods; the current scholastic is the official testimony.

So ? So you have to change learning technique, design or find a more lively and decisive, even if it meant putting pestle scholarly books that have brought us to this impasse. It is not whether our theories are provable or proven. The educational progress is not a case that we either personal, We must at all costs to society in 1965 pedagogy 1965.

All that can be used is desirable. Author: Celestin Freinet Print
In: Teaching Building East edited by a Departmental Group For teachers journal Science and Techno> Life Sciences and Earth December 1983 <^ The King of tables Let prepare the omelette and salad> Print

In: Teaching Building East edited by a Departmental Group to review teachers teaching Principles> Communication> school newspaper in December 1983 Author: Francoise Robardet Print
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In: Congress of Rights> rights of the child in school trouble> Dyslexia Educator CEL For teachers review in April 1964 Never before have we received in our Congress such a flood of delegates from all regions of France, of course, but as Italy, this beautiful Franco-Italian Aosta countries, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, West Germany, the GDR, Yugoslavia, Austria, Algeria, Tunisia , Turkey, Canada, Poland. We wish you all welcome on your behalf and we thank all the individuals, governments and organizations who kindly facilitate the enormous task of our comrades organizers we are particularly grateful.

The unprecedented success of this Congress imposes new duties. We will deal with it. We had, in our previous Congress, 500 members, which was worth us with non-registered participants, 1,000 participants.

Our friend Bocquet gave us yesterday the figure of 850 registered, which will bring us a maximum flow of participants. And this without any advertising, with advertising rather against-because we know the discomfort that can bring in a Congress that we want to work, will you do my homework
an overwhelming flood of comrades.

This shows us – and we are obviously satisfied – that educators are more and more people become aware of what the school of drama that we have tried to anticipate and expose for so many years, and they seeking solutions to the serious problems facing them, and for which we alone, for now, they are able to make valuable educational solutions. The topicality is also partly the result of official recognition of our teaching as evidenced by the recent ministerial instructions – those of Experimental Scientific Works; – the final classes; – drawing ; – and more recently of transition classes where our teaching is officially recommended.

Comrades may complain that our name is not mentioned in these innovations. Our goal is not to promote an acronym but to serve the school. If it can progress through our efforts, we are paid our sorrows. They will say the same, with a rancor strand, that the state might help if only to delay, the advanced workers who have generously the research and experimentation upon him.

But, like the dog in the fable, we prefer our freedom in the autonomy to a golden commitment! It seems to us essential that educators, especially young people, do not expect to top the saving solutions, but do they know too, as we have done, the sacrifices of thought, time and also to money, to ensure the continued promotion of their priesthood.

It takes only through the difficulties that are growing they know that public school will be what we will do, as will be what we will do the social and political life of tomorrow. * Our goal in this Congress will be more, dear young people, or at least new comrades in the movement to educate yourself about the work we are doing for thirty years, that bring you made solutions, however valuable they . Our goal here is not to teach you to do free text or living calculation or lead you to practice new techniques. All this you will learn more than by speech, in contact with our comrades in their classrooms, in our departmental and national groups to which we will invite you to integrate. You will learn through work throughout the year, our courses, our meetings, our exhibitions, magazines and circulars that weave in France and neighboring countries the meshes of a wide rich thread of the most loyal experiences.