Is Montessori too structured?

We truly believe that Montessori has a perfect balance of both. The Montessori environment is set up to enable choice and this freedom is provided within an intentionally set up and prepared environment. The environment is based on Educator observations and child development, so the child is intrigued to want to work and explore using the materials and areas.

Will it suit my child?

Montessori is aimed at all children. As Educators we know that children learn differently and at different paces, using the Montessori approach allows us to tailor our program to the individual needs and interest of each child. The Montessori environment is flexible and changes with the growing child to fit and suit their characteristic and interest.

How will my child cope with the transition to main stream schooling?

All children who attend an Early Years Learning setting, whether Montessori or not all have to cope with this transition to school. It is a normal progression in our Educational journey. Educators and Families work together to ensure children are ready and supported for this transition. We believe Montessori provides your child with the skills, knowledge and confidence to easily find their way in any new environment.